Water Rush - Developed for the LowRezJam 2019

A great drought is here. Rivers have stopped flowing, lakes have turned to mud and all oceans have dried. 

One of these oceans is known to still hold some water in its northern reaches.  Stories have been told of of a Gargantuan terror that guards these dry sandy lands as well as other creatures.  Some say that these monsters are the fish and plants that once swam in it's oceans waters. Their souls reincarnated, now swim through the sands and attack any intruders to protect the most valuable resource left on this planet.

Travel North into this scorching sandy ocean and find the last drops of liquid that can keep life going for just a few moments longer.  This water is the only way to survive.

Try to make your way northward in each level to find the path forward, and eventually the Gargantuan terror guarding the last of the water.  Use your pistol and flamethrower to survive in this deserted land. There are 4 levels to complete.

WASD - Movement
Mouse - Aim
Tap Left M button - Use pistol
Hold Right M button - Use flamethrower
Tap Middle M button, or [space] - Use Melee weapon

Development log


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Good fun. The music is especially good!

I thought this game was fun to play! For the first half of my play-through on it, I was lost and I didn't run into any enemies for a bit until I went North. I really like the music and the effects for this game, too!

Thank you so much for the feedback. We really appreciate your words!